Wow Edibles Chocolate Bar 500mg


Ingredients: premium dark chocolate sugar. cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla, coconut oil, corn oil, cannabis concentrate, shellac.


Buy Wow Edibles Chocolate Bar 500mg Online

Nothing can beat the purity of a cannabis product. The ecstasy and pleasure derived from them are unmatched. And when you want to get the best high, you have to shop at the most reliable online dispensaries. Reputed, reliable, and trustworthy, we are the right choice for you to purchase Wow Edibles Chocolate Bar 500mg.

Do you want to know what is so amazing about these? Check out the following facts about the WOW edible chocolate bar:

  • 500mg and 200mg THC infused
  • all-round experience
  • any time use

At supreme cannabis vision, you can buy genuine WOW chocolate bar edibles without having to step out of your home. We deliver various cannabis products to all USA states and other parts of the world. Hurry up to order the drool-worthy chocolates from our online dispensary and enjoy them at your convenience.

Get WOW edible chocolate bar delivered on time

Are you unable to resist the heavenly combination of chocolate and THC? You don’t have to either. Add the delicious chocolates to the cart at supreme cannabis vision and own a 500mg pack for just $35.

When a little bite of chocolate can give you an additional kick, there is no reason to choose anything else. Carry them around or keep a secret stash at home. Don’t let the world stress you out. Let the goodness of edibles chocolate bar fill you with a sense of euphoria.

supreme cannabis vision is a legal online dispensary that sells only premium quality cannabis products. Making a purchase at our store hardly takes any time or effort.

Avail yourself of the bunch of benefits our amazing WOW edible chocolate bar has to offer. We bet that you will come back for more as this delicious treat is the most sought-after edible out there.


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