OCD x M15


  • Effects – Relaxing, Sleepy                      May Relieve – Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Stress
  • Flavors – Chemical, Pine                        Aromas – Chemical, Diesel, Earthy, Pine, Pungent, SpicY

                                70% Sativa/30% Indica / OCD x M15


OCD x M15 strain

 OCD x M15 is a great strain for daytime use. Very clear-headed and focused. This strain is perfect to get things done without feeling couch-locked 🤯 If you are a fan of orange-flavored bud, this is going to be the go to strain! #sugarleaffarm #sugarleaf , buy OCE x M15 weed online

OCE and Miracle 15 weed for sale –  buy OCE x M15 weed online

OCD x M15 is a stimulating and exhilarating strain with full-flavored characteristics. This 50/50 sativa and indica hybrid has a high concentration of trichomes and THC. OCD x M15 has THC levels ranging between 18 and 23 percent. Experience active and electrifying effects along with its sweet and hashy aroma.

OCD x M15’s lineage is in its name. OCD is a rare sativa-dominant strain with invigorating and euphoric effects. Its heart-pounding potency can be anxiety-inducing for low-tolerance users. M15, also known as Miracle 15, is a famed phenotype used to pollinate Alien Cookies to produce Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC).

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