Fruity Pebble Krispies


Our products contain 300mg THC each

perfect outdoor alternative to smoking.


fruity pebbles crispy edibles

Firstly, The legalization of cannabis in many states of the United States has led to the emergence of a wide variety of products, the main ingredient of which is medical or recreational marijuana. It turned out that sweets with cannabis are in the greatest demand among consumers. Smoking in public places is prohibited in the country, so products with cannabis are the best option for those who prefer to use it outside the home. supreme cannabis vision offers a variety of cannabis edibles in many delicious flavors.

The effect of consuming cannabis edibles is significantly different from smoking or using a vaporizer. Experienced users admit that this type of food has a pronounced cerebral effect, while more traditional ways of cannabis use lead to an emotional lift. However, the reaction depends on the individual characteristics of a particular consumer.

Cannabis edibles bring fast relief for patients with many ailments like insomnia, nausea, depression, body aches. They effectively kill pain and relaxation.

Our products contain 300mg THC each and come in several sweet tastes. It is a perfect outdoor alternative to smoking.

Before treating yourself with cannabis containing sweets, take into account the following nuances:

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  • Your cannabis experience. If you have never tried weed-smoking before, start your acquaintance with krispies edibles with a very tiny dose.
  • Listen to your body. Weight, age, metabolism, gender, and biochemistry of the body – all these factors affect the effectiveness of any drug.
  • Never eat it on an empty stomach. When using sweets with marijuana, follow the same rules as to when taking analgesics.
  • Watch the dose. Cannabis edibles can lead to a stronger effect than smoking. So try to limit one portion to 10 mg of active substances.

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